Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jewelry chandelier.

One of my first projects? Jewelry storage. Since my bathroom is literally half the size of my old one, with no counter-top space, I had to relocate my jewelry to another form of display/organization. Here's what I came up with:

Please excuse the clutter! With many projects comes an explosion of... random paints. I made the earring displays from frames with tulle hot-glued to the back. The mirror is currently in the process of being painted a faux pewter.

But look! No necklaces! I had been hanging them on one of two towel racks I had at my old place, but this new bathroom has one prime real estate towel bar, so no go. I have too many for my little dress form to successfully display, so I originally thought I'd reuse my cork boards and pin them in the closet. However, after unpacking them, they had been damaged by their own super sticky adhesive squares, and I abandoned that idea.

Instead, I decided I wanted to paint a chandelier in my closet, and hang my necklaces from pins at its points. Behold, a silly little 2 AM project!

Roughed in, with the doodle visible to the far right on a yellow legal pad sheet of paper.

Filled in for the most part, but with detailing to follow. Yes, it looks like an octopus alien. No, I do not mind it.

And here it is with the full effect. I like it, even if it's clearly home-made (rather than a decal). But it was cheaper, and only took about an hour from start to finish. Problem, solved!

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