Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting back into things.

Since my last update, a lot has happened. Basically, I decided to move out of my four bedroom, four bath suite-style student apartment, and into a two bedroom, two and a half bath townhouse in a quiet cul-du-sac. It was pretty abrupt. It was dramatic. It had several personal factors weighing on it's finality. But it had to happen sometime, and so it did.

Now I have a whole new place to decorate and perfect for a year before I go off to grad school(!) and... it's been consuming my every thought. Well, maybe not every. But definitely 85% of my thoughts.

With my new room come several issues of spacial planning and storage, and so soon after I'd pretty much maximized my old 10' x 10' box. I now have a 11' x 15' master-style bedroom with two (awkward) closets and a tiny bathroom. It's got asymmetrical windows. It's got four doors. It's got oddly placed cable hook-ups. It's got potential.

But I've more or less decided that I need new furniture. My old, 1980s country particleboard armoire and dresser have really met the end of their days. Drawers are falling out of their tracks, veneer is bubbling from water damage, and really, they're pretty ugly. So they should hopefully be replaced by a customizable Expedit storage (yes, I fall into Ikea now) and workspace system.

However, with all of these new challenges, and my down time before the school semester starts again, I've started a lot of small projects to get the sauciness to its maximum level. Excited? I am.

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